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Phase 3 Park Update: Tell Us What You Think!

The John Stewart Company continues to work on the plans for Hunters View Phase III, which will include two new buildings of affordable housing and a large park for the neighborhood – and we want to hear what YOU think about the new park design!

Since we cannot hold in-person meetings safely during this time, we have put together this short video that presents more drawings of the park and also shares some updates on the Phase III buildings.

After watching the video, share your feedback on this survey:

The park plans are in the early stages, so your feedback on this survey will help us understand how we can best build a park that meets of the needs of the entire Hunters View community. We will share the results of this survey and updated park design drawings in early 2021.


约翰斯图尔特公司(John Stewart Company)目前正在制定猎人角三期工程的规划,其中将包括两座经济适用房建筑和一个大型社区公园——我们希望了解您对新公园设计方面的意见!

由于目前我们无法安全地举行当面的会议,所以我们已经准备了一条 YouTube 短视频,向您进一步介绍上述公园的景观以及三期建筑方面的一些新进展。


公园的规划编制工作目前仍处于初期阶段,所以您在此次问卷调查中反馈的意见将帮助我们更好地理解如何建设一座公园以满足整个猎人角社区的需求。我们将在 2021 年初公布此次问卷调查的结果以及最新的公园设计图。


La John Stewart Company continúa trabajando en planes para la Fase III de Hunters View, que incluirá dos nuevos edificios de viviendas asequibles y un gran parque para el vecindario y – ¡Queremos escuchar lo que USTED piensa sobre el nuevo diseño del parque!

Como no podemos mantener reuniones personales de manera segura durante este período, hemos recopilado este video corto que presenta más dibujos del parque y también comparte algunas actualizaciones sobre los edificios de la Fase III.

Después de ver el video, comparta sus comentarios sobre esta encuesta:

Los planes del parque aún se encuentran en las primeras etapas, por lo que sus comentarios sobre esta encuesta nos ayudarán a comprender cómo podemos construir mejor un parque que pueda satisfacer las necesidades de toda la comunidad de Hunters View. Compartiremos los resultados de esta encuesta y los dibujos de diseño del parque actualizados a principios de 2021.

Resident Parking & Transportation Survey

Digital English HV3 Parking Survey Postcard

We’ve heard your frustrations about parking and transportation at Hunters View — and we want to hear what solutions you want to see at Hunters View. If you are a current Hunters View resident, please take the Parking & Transportation Survey online here (also available in Spanish and Cantonese). You can also pick up and drop off paper surveys at the management offices.

Your input will help us understand what is working and what needs to be fixed. This survey is also a chance for you to ask questions and share ideas. We want to hear it all! Later this year, we will share survey results with you and your neighbors, and we will begin to develop improvements.

This survey will take 10 minutes to complete. If you complete the survey and share your address, you will be entered into a raffle to win a Target or Safeway gift card. You do NOT have to share your address, but if we do not have it, we cannot enter you into the raffle.

JSCo Property Management will not have access to your individual responses and they will not be held against you in any way.

Upcoming Street Vacation


LEFT: Current dead-end streets in Phase 3 that will be vacated. RIGHT: Future Phase 3 street grid.

The JSCo Development Team is working with DPW, MOHCD, HOPE SF and Supervisor Walton’s office to process a street vacation for the old dead-ends of Wills Street, Hare Street, and West Point Road.

This street vacation process transfers temporary ownership of the streets to JSCo so the team can reconfigure the street grid and build the new streets for the Phase 3 affordable housing. The street vacation will take effect in early 2021.

This process will not impact the availability of on-street parking.